Not getting mail while trying for bitcoin

I am trying to notify through email for bitcoin but I am not getting any mail . Here are the screenshots.

Is it showing any errors? Or you are not getting email? Try checking spam folder also

Thank you for response .But I didn’t find it anywhere in my mail nor I am getting any error

Could you please show the output of your code?

Here is the screenshot I am facing

issue with sending mail

You have shown the code of some other file, and showing the output of some other file.
I can help you out, only if you show the code and output of the same program.

Sorry but my problem is the same in both cases I am unable to send an email . Below is the code of the simple email programme I have written . I am not able to send an email in any case.
It is showing error like expecting value line 1 column 1

Refer to this solution -

You have done this already in, I suppose that code doesn’t have the same error. After this program is resolved, you can show the output of that program as well.

When I do this I am getting mailgun magnificient API without any error. But not getting any mail.
Only error was gone .

Then, check your API, if it is correct. If you don’t find out any error, send a snap of the file with a snap of dashboard of mailgun where API is written.

Make sure to delete both of them, once I reply to the thread.

Your sandbox URL is written in an incorrect format.

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Thank you now its working fine .
I will try to look into other code if it is the same error for bitcoin .If it is I will reach out to you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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