Not getting output for cpu stress o metre

hi @rahul.singh1


Please send a complete screenshot of the code you’re using.


Make sure you have the psutil python module installed on your device. And use python instead of python3 to run the file.

$ python

Let me know if you face the same issue or any other error.

Earlier I installed boltiot in python3 ,now when I’m trying to install in python it’s showing as import bolt iot

Plz,can you help me to slove this


I’ll find you a solution for this. You can try using python3 to run the code. But most likely it won’t find the psutil module.

Also, do run pip install boltiot to install the python2 version of boltiot module.

After that you should be able to run python without any error.

Do try it, let me know if you face any issue or errors.

When I’m running the code getting no module found even I entered the commands


Have you installed the psutil module for python?

I have already mentioned regarding this.

Yes I installed,I entered the sudo pip install psutill command still same problem


I’ll look into your issue, will get in touch if required to solve it.

Will update you regarding this by tomorrow’s EOD.