Not getting the notification from proximity sensor interfaced with bolt to ifttt (gmail)

after ifttt is enabled on the bolt
when the 4 pin of bolt is going to LOW the notification/email should come from MAKER to if notification but I’m not getting the notification or email to my account(I am sending a self email).
When I typed in the following command boltip/serveFile?filename=api.txt I got the following result on two browsers Edge and Chrome:
I also referred to the vedio :

and I have done the expeiment exactly as mentioned in the vedio, including the code:

I do get mail when I click on test script on IFTTT.

I have connected O/P pin to pin 4 of BOLT. I tested the sensor with the code:

The sensor shows proper values(0 when obstacle in front and 1 when no obstacle in front) and the led on the sensor glows only when I keep an obstacle in front of the sensor. So there is no problem with the sensor, as such

Both Bolt and my laptop are connected to my wifi having Internet connectivity, and I verified it by browsing in my laptop.

I already referred to similar topics in the forum, but none of them could solve my issue ,Hence I have created a new thread.

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same problem when i triggre event in IFTTT i m not getting any mail. i gon throughg the video but its not working
plz me out…


Enter this in your URL
and check if your IFTTT channel takes the necessary action

sir, even my ifttt experiment is not working…i performed everything according to the steps and even put my key in URL and event was triggered and I got a mail…
i have same trouble as mentioned by the guys in this thread…please give me solution sir as i have to submit my project for minors

We have been facing a lot of issue with IFTTT which appears to be due to a change in APIs/codes of IFTTT.

I request you to try updating the Bolt OS: It might solve the problem but cannot assure of it.

We are working to resolve the IFTTT issue at earliest.

@pranav.kundaikar.inv Please look into this at earliest.

We have identified the issue. An api change in the IFTTT service has led to this issue. We shall be pushing a firmware update which shall fix the issue by tomorrow end of the day.

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Follow this link

Follow this link for ifttt issue

Sir, I tried every possible way to fix this ifttt problem as mentioned in the forum, still its not working. What to do?


Have you checked the version number of your bolt firmware? Please check it by using your bolt’s address and using it in the following URL:


And reply here with the same

{“Bolt Hardware Version”:“1.2”,“Firmware Version”:“1.4.1”}

now the IFTTT is working :relaxed:

hello sir ifttt not showing maker service

Hi @ajitrahulraj1995 We are sorry we do not provide support for IFTTT anymore since the keep updating their API and we cant always rely on a third party for the same.