Not received email

I did not receive any email

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Which email are you talking about? Can you please be more specific?

First confirm you created your account in Bolt IOT or not.
If you are using another pls check that mail also.
It is better to suggest you pls login into BOLT IOT website .

Sir, I qualified for the scholarship test …but I didn’t get e-mail alert
Thanking you sir

I have also not received any mail for the coupon code to access the online course even though I have got the kit 5 days ago.What should I do?

You need to decrease
the max value 600
to 304 or 307 it must near min value is 300
Remember message will come continuesly
To edit in file enter
sudo nano
Control X save
Then run sudo python3

Hiii… @chrohith10092001, Please check the spam folder also

I made a temperature alert system.Be sure to see if you get your reading in Celsius or Ferenhite.I did got the email regarding the alert but not immediately

Sir I want to access online training for internet of things but there is problem related to recaptha. Recaptcha is invalid. So what I do?

but i did’t get the email