Not receiving mail from mailgun even though it appears delivered in Mailgun

I had waited for more than 3-4 hours, before which I had sent multiple e-mails from my mailgun account using python code trigger. Even though status is shown delivered in logs and got a response as Queued. Thankyou… I have not yet received the mail. I rechecked the there are no mistakes in it… Please help me out…
Thanks in advance


Did you check the spam/junk folder of your mail inbox?

Checked all promtions and junk coloumns mate :sweat_smile:


Please show the output result and the credentials section where you entered the email ID (hide the credentials like api key, token, etc in the image)

Hello,please check your email_conf file for properly write all credentials details.mainly cross verify MAILGUN_API_KEY ,sandbox URL and bolt cloud account API_KEY. for more information you can visit :
[Introduction to Mailgun | Bolt IoT]
[Project 10: Sending an Email when Temperature Crosses Threshold | Bolt]

Checked it mate…No changes:(

Sure… :+1: Please give me some time… I will share soon. Thanks @akshayan.sinha

please check your spam folder, the mail is presented there it doesn’t take time but receive immediately after in few second.