Not receving email

It is showing number of people in the room but not sending the mail,is there problem in code?
Making a project on auto lights.


Did you check your Junk/Spam Folder? The mails are received over there.

check you spam or junk folder.

@priyakamde199 it is running the program successfully means your code is right , and just check whether you entered correct email-id without any error or check the spam folder for the same .

I had the same problem during the LED alert using Mailgun project.
Firstly check whether all the configuration values of the email and Mailgun are correct.
If they are correct, check your junk or spam emails in Gmail.
What I experienced was that, even if you have used Mailgun and your email in an earlier project, when you use it again to send emails for a different project, the emails again appear in the spam box.
Hope this helps. :grinning: