Not starting lectures videos

i am started my course 2 days ago,i completed my some lectures and shut it down.when i again login to my trainig then my continue lectures are not working,and videos of lectures are also not seen on screen or course lectures arre not properly working.
please help me about this.

Can you please explain the problem a bit more with the help of maybe some screeeshots…

:point_up:i can not seen video only topic name is coming

:point_up:i have already completed 4-5 lectures of this course then also when i restart the course once again wheather i can resume the from same lecture,where i have left last time?
2) wheather i can mark my completed lectures,so that i can easily find that which lecture i should continue now? kindly help me with this.

Dear Friend,
Please see the left side of the screen.
You can see various topic name there.
Which topic you covered in the last time it a li light coloured
And which topic you are not covered it is highlights by Black color
You can click on the topic and start training

videos are not working at all and their is no any difference is shown in my covered and not covered lectures…why is it happening and what should i do for it.?

Maybe try logging into Bolt from some other “updated” browser.
and if its still the same then please start from the first lecture.

i think this is problem of server and internet don’t worry just start the website again and do log in once.

In this case, you can do several things:-

  1. Try using different browsers and manually clicking ‘Complete and continue’ button.
  2. Try logging on mobile and trial-complete a lecture and see if the progress is being counted or not.
  3. In case still if your progress is stuck at a point, it might be a server problem and soon may resolve but if it doesn’t feel free to contact Sir via their official mail ID over mail.
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Thank you for such information✌️

Dear Brother, 2-3 days before I had same problem. The issue was computer time and current time was not matching!

In this case you can do the following steps:-

  1. First of all make sure you have a stable internet connection and the net speed should not fluctuate
    2.If the problem persists again try by using different browsers like mozilla etc.If this still not works try
    again in your smart phone.
    3.There can also be issue of your computer date and time (i.e the current date and time was not
  2. If this is again not working then contact to IOT via their official mail id provided to u.
    soon your problem will be resolved.
    Hope this works and you can enjoy your course

its done,thank you✌️

Dear friend, It is nothing but problem of wi fi connectivity. You can start other app and website easily but in that you were facing same problem so please connect your laptop to other wi fi and you see that your problem is solved that same problem faced by me and this is really helpful solution for me so please follow this for easy solution.