Object finder through arduino

i need to know if any person is there in the range of ultrasonic sound sensor which i had given. sensor is connected to arduino if is there any object within the range then bolt should send a message. For this how can i proceed

Hi nitheenithee12
I am not clear with the question first but I assume that you would like to collect data from arduino uno send that data to bolt wifi module, hence by storing it into the cloud.

Firstly split your work:

  1. Interface your arduino with the bolt.
  2. Make sure your able to collect the data through the arduino uno.
  3. Now look for the sending data from arduino to bolt wifi module.
    when your done with the sending data from arduino to bolt wifi module . I assume your sure with the rest of the part.

for reference see this link : https://docs.boltiot.com/docs/arduino-library
Thank you:smiley:

I don’t know how to interface bolt device with Arduino

Hi nitheenithee12 …
please click on the the reference link there you will get complete details of how to interface your boltwifi module with the arduino.
Thank you have a great Day.