OFFLINE : Bolt not connected

My Bolt is not connected to the cloud.
The green led is off.When tried to remove the device from my cloud to re connect it
due to old firmware i cannot remove it also.
Please help me to connect it to cloud , i am unable to remove the device too.

@nidhinsnaushad use android bolt app to add the bolt module again and it will connect to cloud.

It is showing that this bolt is already registered.
Yet it is offline.

can you send the screenshot

this is what i get when i try to re install it.
still green light is not on in my device

@nidhinsnaushad I faced the same problem,It might be because your internet connection is too slow,well this problem technically means your cloud account isnt connected to a device ,so it would be better to do the whole procedure of linking again :slight_smile:

but i cant disconnect this device as my firmware version is not updated

Go to the devices tab in There, under the heading Actions, you will find a “three dots” option. Click on it and then click on device info. Disconnect your device from the your wifi. After that, try setting up the device again from Bolt android app.
Hope this solves your problem

To avoid this complexity,try using the internet connectivity which you used to connect before.
Also make sure that the settings for accessing the location are properly made!
There you go!With these major things,you can connect!

It may lead to no proper internet connection.i think ur other device got registered to that account.It has technical issues in most of the cases.Sometimes u need to update bolt app to reduce this problems.


What is the status of the Blue Led on the device?

If the blue led is blinking slowly, it means the device was not able to connect to the configured wifi source. You can go ahead and follow the same process on the mobile app to re-configure the device.

If the blue led is stable, it means that the device is connected to the wifi source but not able to connect to the internet. In this case, please check if the wifi source is having internet connection.

Check your internet connection first I think you have an issue with your internet connection . Sign out from previous device and try it with other device it will help you.

thanks a lot all of you
i tried a different wi-fi source and it worked :slight_smile:

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turn on ur net…it will emit hot spot and ur device will on

I was taking my training since last 7-8 days No issue found. But today I have got the problem. The device showing offline (screenshot attached). Blue Led glowing steadily (photo attached). Following things tried.

  1. Wifi On
  2. Internet speed is enough.
  3. Many time ON/OFF bolt device.
  4. Bolt App Uninstalled and Installed.
  5. Tried to add device again. But could not connect. (screenshot attached)
    Please Help!


What is the status of the green LED? Is it ON and stable?