Sir i have checked my telrgram_bolt_id and telegram_chat_id twice they are correct still facing this ERROR.

@dhakadneeraj786 Sir,
I was getting the same error even after providing correct bot details.
but i read somewhere on the bolt forum that this might be caused due to incorrect generation of telegram bot id due to connectivity issues.
i rectified this error by deleting my previous telegram bot and creating a new one.
the new bot id was successful and the error was gone.
hope this helps,

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Hi @dhakadneeraj786,

Check the last message of this thread Telegram error: Always show unauthorized

Sir I created a new channel and bot but still i am getting this ERROR.

Hi @dhakadneeraj786

I have also received this error at first. It was due to the typo mistake of 0(zero) instead of O(letter O or vice versa. Better try to copy-paste the id’s.

Hope this helps…

This Error is mainly caused due to telegram bot connectivity issue and also due telegram channel you should resolve this issue by creating new telegram bot & new telegram channel.
Another reason for this error is typing mistake in Bot Id you might have typed ‘o’ instead “0” or vice versa. try to correct it & also try to reconnect telegram with internet.