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So I have 3 wonderful BoltIOT devices, a bunch of sensors, and a Arduino shield.

I’ve built several simple demonstration apps. Mainly just getting values from the analog pin.

What I would like to do is have data pushed to the cloud on an “event” which happens locally. At first my goal would be to increment a count when a GPIO gets a HIGH value. The simple idea here is to have data collected whenever the motion sensor sets the HIGH bit on a GPIO. Right now it seems like the cloud is polling the BoltIOT at an interval (5min). If no motion happens on that poll event then nothing is logged.

Taking this to a next step would be some sort of IFTTT type functionality. If my GPIO goes to HIGH run “this code” or “execute a GET request to this URL”. That would allow me to implement complex functionality in a service somewhere that the Bolt Cloud would start.

So after looking through many of the posts on the forum I’m wonder if I have to make things a little more complex to realize my query. Do I need something like an Arduino to interface with a sensor, detect it raising the “event”, and then use it to tell the BoltIOT to do “something”?

Hi @mikejr83,

What you are talking about is an Async push request to the Bolt Cloud.

Unfortunately we do not have such a system implemented for the Bolt device right now.

You can make a system around an Arduino which will count the triggers, and then send the data to the Bolt Cloud via the Bolt hardware.
We have made this library to help out with Arduino interfacing.

The instructions for using the library are here

Thank you for your response!

Are there plans for async pushes? I had hoped that the bolt and the cloud ecosystem would be a good alternative to the pi zero w and creating my own “cloud”.


Mike G


Hi @mikejr83,

There are quite a few features which are currently being developed and fine-tuned and as such, there is currently no plan for implementing Async push.

But we do have the feature in our requested features list, and we do our best to provide the features that our users request or need.

I also want to use async push, so I hope it will be implemented as soon as possible.

@mikejr83 , @suetsugu:

We have just deployed a new feature to the Bolt Cloud, which is similar to what you would take care of your Async push requirement.
It’s called the trigger feature and is currently available for Digital GPIO pins.
Read more about it here.

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That’s great news.
Can I read the document of dash.readme.io?

Hi @suetsugu,

Apologies for adding the wrong documentation link in the whats new section. The correct link has been shared now.

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@suetsugu: You can checkout this blog to find out how to use the feature.

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