On opening Output in Chrome it is blank html

Hello Sir, I have written the html code in Quoda code editor as instructed but on opening the file Coffee Shop in Chrome.
It is all blank. No output is coming!

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I have tried it opening it both in Chrome and opera browser and shared the screenshots.
Sir please tell what is the problem and suggest a solution

Hi @sanjeevni909020 ,
Can you please share the code?

Hello Sir , I have solved that problem myself.
Sir, now I am facing a new problem in embedding images in HTML.
I have copied the image to Coffee shop folder and put path of image in Quoda editor.
But instead of the image an icon is coming in the output.
This is the screenshot.
Please suggest a solution to my problem sir.IMG_20220715_132118

Hi @sanjeevni909020 ,

Please upload the screenshot of the image again. Make sure it is visible on the forum.

Hello sir , this is the screenshot and please suggest a solution to it.

I also faced the same problem you may also check for the extension i.e. .jpg or .png make sure the extension you add is as same as of the filetype.also try using the file name instead of address.

@sanjeevni909020 please check your file path and file extension. Can you please share a screenshot of your folder structure and code?

Remember, .jpg is not treated the same as .jpeg, even though they are the extensions for same format. It should match exactly as in the file name.

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Hello Sir , this is the screenshot of the folder of two images.

I have written these two path of images:-
in my html code which I have saved in Coffee Shop folder.

@sanjeevni909020 Kindly share your HTML code so I can better understand the issue and help you out.

Hello sir, this is the screenshot of the HTML code .

@sanjeevni909020 Please share the screenshot of your folder structure, the issue seems to be with that.