One motor not working

when I start the robot and upload the code one of the motor doesn’t work what should I do and this is the link for the video

The link is not public. Visit the folder > Right click on the video > Get link > Change ‘Restricted’ -> ‘Anyone with the Link’.

  1. Check the motor with an alternate code, if it functions. (You can try directly with a battery too)

  2. Share the snippet of code, if doing the above functions the motor. Forum will look into it.

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this is the new link for the video

Do the above.

Other than that, do you feel any vibration in the motor? You can try a code to move only the right motor to check if the movement isn’t restricted.

i tried that as well the motor isn’t moving an inch

Check if the motor is faulty.

i have tried everything i guess the motor is fauty

Was it part of the Kit, or did you buy it from market?

If it was part of the kit, reach the support team mailto:

it was part of the kit

Hi @yashmehta18,

I am inviting @shafiq.shaikh to help you out with your query.

insert the working motor connector in the other connector where non working motor is connected on board to check if motor driver ic is working and to check the motor inserting connector in working motor connector on board.