Only 1.02thousand reading

I kept the module near my plant for whole day. The reading is 1.02k at 2:00pm as well as 7:00pm.
I tried another testing by keeping it in my room and turned off the lights, it showed 567.
Why didn’t the reading differ when I kept near the plants?

Hello, I guess there is some problem either with your code or the connection you’ve made, kindly check that. Also, try deploying the program after 10 seconds of break. My result was also the same but when I deployed the program numerous time, I got different results. Maybe my answer solves your question, all the best.

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For me also same problem arised due to internal resistance in LDR, try to change the resistor(orange orange brown) and I got the different values.

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I tried that but heard some continues beeping from the module.

I deployed after several minutes also after 10 seconds as well. Tried changing the resistor but heard some beeping from the module.

I tried that but heard some continues beeping from the module. @sankarjune2k

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I think you should contact to bolt directly through whatsapp or E-mail.

The problem is with the sensor. The sensor is limited to the maximum value of 1024. If you put the sensor in a dim environment then you can observe the changes in the reading.


@Anjitha.hello anjitha !
Can u find the difference between values in below attached screenshot? When I am working on it I found that it is because of sunlight.when you try it at night time or in a dark room ,you can notice the its maximum value is is showing the same when the sunlight is directly falling on it.To notice the difference in values try it in a dark room .

1.02 thousand is the maximum value it gives. Which is the normal room light output (for 10k ohm resister). But connect the other resister given in the set. If you connect 3300 ohm resistor, then the normal room light value will be about 350. When you put a flash light on it, it goes to 1.02 thousand which is the maximum.

P.S - You an read the resistance of a resistor by reading the color code given on it. Just look up ’ resistor color code’ and you will get a table

you should check the connections and code . if that is alright and you still get same result try to change the environment move to dark. you can also try this , once the light is on deploy configration and than turn off light and again deploy configration and you can see the change in readings.

Thanks for your suggestion @sakshamdam54321. I was facing the same condition it was giving 1.02 but when I put that bolt device in a dim light. Then it started giving output as 120 93 95.

hello @Anjitha!
First of all make sure you have connected one lead of LDR to A0 and other lead to 3v3 pin on bolt module. And instead of using 10k ohm resistor use 330k ohm resistor. For selecting resistor of 330k ohm resistor you may refer to color code of resistor which is easily available on internet. And in further discussion you asked about the beeping sound , I think that is because the leads coming out from the 3v3 and ground pin may be in contact, so this result in short circuit and this may damage your bolt module. So make sure they are not in contact. Hope this helps!

hey @Anjitha
u got that values because ground and 3.3v is touching so try to separate it

I am try in all possible ways, but that same result is coming .Please help me sir

just keep deploying it after every 5-6 seconds to get a faster result otherwise there will be syntax mistake in your code

I think the max value for the sensor is 1.02k, so try to put it in a room with low light. The same happened to me and I did the same. This should work most of the times. If not, use a 330 ohm resistor.

make sure you are changing the lightning which is prominently measurable. Also, keep changing after every 10 secs.