Only green LED is on after first try

So at the start everything was going fine connected it to a power supply then blue led was blinking but when tried to connect it to my phone, it said error could not connect. So I disconnected dit from the power supply ever since then only the green led is on.

you have to use a minimum 5V Micro USB power adaptor like the one of an android mobile…and you have to connect it with a WiFi which is of your school,other mobile,etc.You cannot use your own WiFi as it will not connect…and follow the steps CAREFULLY that are told to you

Yeah I understand what you mean to say and yes the power I have provided is ample. But I am not even getting the blue light for the connection anymore. Only green.

I just reconnected it after a while now the blue light is on.

Now a different problem has occurred now the bolt is connected to my laptop’s WiFi the problem is that it has both the lights static which should mean mission successful but it says not connected to the cloud

i think that you should try out the connections all over again one more time and also check that your device is linked to the cloud succesfully or not which you might have done earlier by following the steps in the “Linking the microcontroller module to the cloud”…check for each step and especially the wifi you are using…the wifi connection must be strong …

Yeah it happens so please try to turn it off and on once again