Order delivery not confirmed

I had recently been awarded the scholarship offer of bolt iot where in i receive the kit along with the training lessons for a sum of ./2500 inr .

I have received and paid for my order about 2-3 days ago but the online course is still not available to me as the order delivery has not been confirmed yet . Please do the needful as id like to start up my training , i have a lot of projects in mind that i want to work on

Hello @kaushik.s98 If you pay for the kit offline cash on delivery The access code link for the training will take time of a week or less to get it. As soon as they confirm your payment they will send it to you for sure. Check your spam on email that you use for the course. And best of luck for your training with bolt iot…

Hi kaushik.s98,
Firstly it will take 2-3 days or more to confirm your payment status as ‘PAID’ in your bolt account as it depends on the delivery partner .
After the status is changed BoltIot will send you a mail regarding further steps to access your training.
Don’t worry as if none of the above goes as expectation u can still contact BoltIot via e-mail . they will solve your issue ASAP

Hello kaushik.s98,
Since you have paid for your course, and also you have got the boltiot kit delivered to you. An e-mail containing the link to your course will be received by you within two days from the date of delivery.
Have a good day!

its been more than a week…still training has not been made available , can someone look into this ?

I have received my order 3 days before but the status is not change to paid but I received my order, so please kindly access my training course for the same so I can begin with this great platform and share my innovative ideas with u

I have ordered and received my kit few days ago and Im unable to access the course. It says payment yet to be confirmed and it has been more than a week but till now Im unable to start the course. Please help me out with this.