Output for Light Monitoring System

I have followed all the steps in the course for the plant monitoring system but I am unable to see the output.

Can someone please help me.

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Check whether the device is still online. If the device disconnects from the wifi, this error may happen.

I’m also facing the same issue but i checked everything, code as well as module the module blue, green lights everything is fine only so, i waited for 15 mins after deployment of configuration the green light blinks for ever 5 mins once for writing data. So, i think the problem was not with code and module it was with output web page.

I’m also facing the same issue . Tried all connections again and again also the device is online continuously yet I cant see the output and it shows blank page like the above mentioned screenshot

Is your device connected to cloud ? when do you see this screen ? After running the program r before ?

I viewed the inspect of the output page it shows that, " the page has mixed content the source was loaded with https but request an insecure data of http resource so chrome has blocked the mixed content page.

even i faced with the same issue it might be because of the display webpage!

what is the solution?? I just bought this program? should i apply for refund if its not going to work? someone help!

same problem for me. please any one respond to solve this problem. Thank you in advance.

yes the device is still online and the wifi is connected too.

Yes the device is connected to the cloud. I see the screen after I run the program(i.e., after I click “view the plot”)

Hi All,

The issue has been fixed. Please visit your cloud dashboard to view the page.

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Reload your page again. Or just check the wifi module connection. Also check the code once. Even I had got the same problem then I found that I had done some mistake in code after that I recovered it. Just check all the requirements.