Password has to be known

hi one problem while connecting bolt to my mobile is that it is asking for a password how can i get to know the password

Click on forget password and create a new password .

=>Open the bolt iot app, and enter the email id and password to login to your Bolt Cloud account,This password is the one you have created in you forgot your password ,just click on forgot password and follow the steps.

=>Once you login into bolt iot app,it’ll guide you to setup wifi module.Next you have to connect the Bolt device to a local Wi-Fi Network which will be displayed by the app for you to select from.Here connect to a wifi and enter that wifi’s password.That’s all Now you are ready to go.

Hope this has cleared you doubts.Feel free to clarify @viyyapuhemanth1 bro.GOOD LUCK

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First you have to use bolt iot app which available in Play Store for Android & Apple App Store for IOS. Then using the app its very simple to get your wifi module all setup. App will take to through step by step procedure.

check out the docs

Please see the docs it very well explained their & still if you have any problem feel free to ask about it.

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Hello to access your bolt cloud first u have to create a account on bolt cloud using a different gmail id with is not used on for login ur bolt training . Then after registering on bolt cloud u can access ur bolt cloud for development on your mobile device n while doing that first download bolt iot app from playstore if android user then enter ur email id and password which u set while registering to bolt cloud then login … u will get access n happy learning and developing projects.
best luck.