Pasting text in ubuntu

how can we copy and paste text from another source in ubuntu terminal?

Hi, @amishagupta9149
ctrl+shift+C :copy
ctrl+shift+V :paste

I do not use Ubantu terminal but command prompt and Putty.
The copied text can be paste by right click of mouse and Not Ctrl+Paste.
Simlarlly if you have copy text from terminal. Select the text with mouse. “LEFT Click the Mouse” You may think that nothing happened. But text got copied. Then try pasting your text in another software with CTRL+V method.


Are you using Digital Ocean droplette?

To paste code in your Ubuntu use Shift+Insert
To copy code select the code and right click on it

These commands doesn’t work on ubuntu. For pasting text in ubuntu you first need to create a shared folder. First click on “player” in ubuntu then on “virtual machine settings”. The select “options”. From the list given, enable the shared folder.