Payment related error

I made my own chatgpt, following the last video of first module. Console shows an error, which I think is related to payment. Please help me to rectify it . What do I need to do?
I am adding two screenshots here which shows my full code and full error statement.

We are looking into the issue and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Until then verify your code by checking with the errors and API keys.
Thank You.


We apologize for the significant delay in our response.

Regarding the API issue, many users may encounter an error if they do not have sufficient credits to access the OpenAI API keys.
If you are facing this problem, it is crucial to verify the usage of your API key, particularly if it has a balance of $0 or if it has expired.
In such cases, it is recommended to create a new account using a different phone number and a different email ID.
By doing so, you will receive $5 worth of credits, which will remain valid for three months.