Payment ststus is not updated

my payment status is not updated .So i am unable to access my training videos.I got bolt iot starter kit.So kindly update my payment status and allow me to learn BOLT IOT as soon as possible

In this particular case, please write your problem to " " with the order ID and the email ID of the order.

If you have done “cash on delivery” for your kit then it will take time to update your payment status. Just wait for some time and if nothing will done then you should mail your problem to the IoT team.

Payment is done and I received the kit

Order id -#india27460-reship

And my email id is same . I’m unable to access the training

Please guide me.

Hi @tushar.0082r,

Apology for the inconvenience, Can you send the image of your kit to and I will manually mark your order as paid then you can follow the instructions for training access.

It will get updated don’t worry. Even i faced the same problem it takes a little bit more time