Pin 1,2,3,4 are not working

The GPIO pins 1,2,3,4 of my bolt device are not working. Please help me out.

Try resetting the Bolt IoT Module and follow the troubleshooting steps given and if still, the problem persists, go-ahead for a replacement if it is still in warranty.

Can you please tell me the troubleshooting steps?

@ajay.252999.kumar Please check it once by using LED or Buzzer to check the GPIO pins working or not.
And also make sure that you have entred proper code for selected GPIO pin. While your configuring hardware module and code.


How did you come to the conclusion that the pins are not working?

Did you do any specific testing for the same?

I am using this code and the pins are not working.

And when I unlinked the device with the product and opened the sample device control view and tested the pin 0 it was working.

So, most probably the pin 1 is not working

Hi @ajay.252999.kumar,

Try the same code with pin 0.

Also, what is the hardware configurations that you have used for this product?

Is there any error in my code?

There is nothing wrong with your code but can you post hardware configurations you did for this product and check whether the device using for this testing is working or not.

Here is my hardware configuration .

And my circuit

Hi @ajay.252999.kumar,

There is no error in your code, but you have done something that I fear may be the problem. The hardware configurations are only meant for parts of the circuit that are required to be used as input. The hardware configurations that you have done will cause your Bolt WiFi module to set the digital 1 pin as an input every 5 minutes. This would mean that you will loose control over the pin every 5 minutes.

The reason I told you to update the code and use pin 0 is to confirm if the issue is with only pin 1 or with other pins. DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES IN THE HARDWARE CONFIGS WHILE TESTING THIS

With the same configuration pin 0 is also not working.

Hi @ajay.252999.kumar,

The next thing to check is if your API key has been rate limited.

You said that with the Sample device control view, you are able to use pin 0 right? This is because the sample device control view does not use your API key, it uses the company API key which has a different rate limits.

@yeshwant.naik will confirm whether your API key has been rate limited.

I got something else, when I am using command 1, the pins are not working. And when I am using command 2 the pins are working. Why?

Command 1 --->"GET", ""+api_key+"/digitalWrite?pin="+pin+"&state="+val+"&deviceName="+d_name,true);

Command 2 --->"GET","/digitalWrite?pin=" + pin + "&state=" + state + "&deviceName="+device_name, true);

Hi @ajay.252999.kumar,

Where did you get the 2 codes from? That’s not what you hav written in your product code.

Also, as mentioned above, I believe your API key may be rate limited. @yeshwant.naik will confirm the same.

These codes are written in the javascript.

Hi @ajay.252999.kumar,

Which javascript? Where did you read the code from? Can you share a screenshot of the same?

Hey, there is no problem in the bolt iot module, one day i was also shocked to see that my bolt iot pins were not working. Then after some time i have found out that you can only use 20 API requests in a minute and if you exceed that the API requests will be suspended for 6 hrs. You can get the paid tire to use more API requests or you can use only 20 requests in a minute. There is no problem with the bolt iot module. Hope you will understand this…