Plant monitor light detection issue

i have gone through all the necessary steps and i have attached the hardware to the module and entered the code. But when i view my project the light reading always shows 1.02 thousand even when i chage the harshness of light

can you please share the code as there seems to be some sort of error in the line 187

The ldr is low intensity resistor hence it shows max value, therefore it will not work in the sunlight, if you want to use the system in sunlight, buy a high intensity ldr.
For this ldr, cover the top then you will get low light and cover the blue and green light on the module.

@warren Please make sure that you have made the proper connection, like LDR one leg in ‘3v3’ and another leg to ‘A0’ and Resistor one leg in ‘A0’ and another one ‘GND’ and resistor ‘GND’ and ldr 3v3 leg do not touch each other as that could also give high value.
if it doesn’t work then try with another resistor that came along with the kit because a similar problem was faced by me and by changing the resistor it was solved :slightly_smiling_face:.

LDR shows maximum value 1.02 even in low light. So just cover ldr with your finger and use deploy button for instant readings and take readings for every 10 or 15 secs. You will see variations in dark.

this is the code:

@warren I also faced the same problem, this is basically due to the fact that you must be using a resistor which must be having resistance of less than 10k ohm.

We have to choose a resistor of 10k ohm particularly becase of the following facts:

  1. As the A0 pin accepts a volatge of 0 - 1 V , that is why we have to lower down the volatge of 3V (In case of the LDR project) coming from the bolt wifi module in the range of 0 - 1 V.
  2. As LDR itself offers some resistance to the current, but that is not enough to bring the volatge in the range of 0 - 1V.

Due to these reasons we have to use 10k ohm resistor (whose color code is: Brown, Black, Orange, Gold) alongwith the LDR so that the A0 pin can effectively sense the values. If we use a sensor less than that of 10k ohm then the volatge fetched by the A0 pin will always be maximum and that is why it is showing 1024 / 1.024 thousands always

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Try cover the sensor with finger and than try to fetch the data, this may workout for you.