Plant monitor system project

will there be any problem if we completely “on” the bolt device completely throughtout the day?
In a plant monitoring system project,it’s complete throughout the day,right?we have to take readings for 1 hour right?,so will there be any damage to the device/we can take values by turning on&off for every one hour?culd anyone please explain?

There is no problem in leaving the Bolt device on for a long time. Just ensure it does not have any weight on it, which might damage the module, and a dry-ish place, so it doesn’t affect the solders, and stuff… Otherwise, it’s cool… (I didn’t try for the whole day, but around 2-3 hours)…

@rohithadari1 No issues you can run as long as you want.But make sure you’re avoiding contact with water it may damage the bolt module And i suggest you to provide constant power supply

You can connect the bolt device throught the day. But make sure that its kept in dry place, don’t keep pressure on wifi module as it can cause a permanent damage, keep it away from water.
Good luck

As the BOLT device is designed in such a way that it can deal with real-time applications, there will be no problem if it is kept ON for a longer period of time. As the module is delicate, just need to keep in mind not to put any weight on it, otherwise, the device will get damage.