Plant monitoring ldr

simple thing is make it in digital way …as A0 pin is analog it is difficult to understand coz there might be a lot of values coming out from LDR

condition in darkness LDR resistance is high then voltage drop across it has to be high so
as A0 pin is input in this case also it is only 1v configured that means highest voltage value has to be near 1 volt i.e 1.02v as per we are getting consider it as digital 1

now for sunlight or lightness LDR value is low as possible n we will get less vout across it …some of the people getting 0.033…some of getting 0.100 …but it has to be less cant be around 1v if u r getting 1 v value in lightness then it might be faulty one…

the values u r getting in chart is scaled one for simplification i guess…
m getting 1.02k in darkness and only 8 in lightness

may be m correct


Are you facing any issues related to LDR project?

Can you share a screenshot of the values and explain the difficulty ? Because its quite unclear