Plant monitoring

in plant monitoring why are we not calibrating the temperature.we should calibrate in degree Celsius right?

Plant requires sunlight for photosynthesis not heat. That’s why we measure the light in case of plant monitoring system.

Here we are Checking the light intensity that’s why we only used LDR.
If u want to check temperature or humidity or moisture u can use respective sensors :slight_smile:

Hiii… @aravind.anil185 , only the light intensity needs to be measured.

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->Basically Plant monitoring project work on Light Dependent Resistor. Here there is no relation of LDR with temperature.
-> Plant monitoring system check the amount of proper light received to the plant or not.
->Using LDR we have the record of intensity of Light, not temperature.

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Hello!! @aravind.anil185.
[1]Generally a plant require sun light,air and water mainly.
[2]Even temperature maintainance is also required for proper growth.
[3]As light light is essential for it’s growth, we monitor it generally by our “plant monitoring device”.
[4]If proper light is not falling on plant ,It will not grow properly and It will die if that continues like that.
[5]And mostly the temperature changes are due to change in light intensity around the plant.

That’s why we monitor light intensity rather than temperature in our primary concern.
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Plant monitoring project determines whether the plant getting sunlight or not. Temperature does not tells us the same.