Please anyone can help me to solve this.....plz

yesterday I got my bolt iot kit. I have followed all the steps as they said in the video
but I have connected to my college wifi which is proxy, so the device is unable to get internet. When I checked It is showing that my device is offline I tried to disconnect the
device wifi but it is telling to update my firmware version which is 1.3.0 ; how can I update my
device firmware version while I’m unable to connect to the internet. Can anyone please help me
to connect my device to the cloud…

just go outside the range of your college wifi turn on your mobile hotspot and try to connect it by bolt android app u will need two phones one for hotspot and another for running bolt android app
i will prefer that use your own phone for hotspot

one phone use for hotspot and one for bolt.After connecting to it login into bolt cloud there you can find devices in that your device is listed. it has name,status,product name etc. At the end you can find 3 dots click on it and select the device info.After that one window is displayed there if you get the message already up to date,the device is up to date or else you can find update option there

The WiFi Module is unable to connect to the internet using your college network and is being displayed as offline in your cloud account.
You need to connect your Module to internet using another network possibly your mobile hotspot. First keep ready the SSID of your hotspot (the name by which it displays in the available networks in devices) and the password of your hotspot. Now move to an area where the network you are already connected to is not accessible and setup the WiFi Module using the same procedure for the hotspot network with the SSID and password.
This must solve your problem!

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@sativawangnoo23 @er.subratnayak thanks…bro…both of your solutions are same and that are worked pretty well