Please check error code at line 167, character 117

What that does above line mean and where is it pointing to?..line 167 character 117?

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Could you please show me the product code and what is your objective mention it.

Bro if there was an error in my code, there would have not been any output on the screen. My objective was to plot a barGraph and that is achieved as you may see in the image.

I think that error corresponds to something else other than my written code.

Share screenshot of your product code. else, check for :

  • type of extension you have given while creating the code such as JS/HTML
  • If you have used hardware configuration check for variable name.

there is an error in hbspt which is regarding .js file is your code in js(javascript)
and let me see your written code.

that is the product code

use single quote instead of double quote " as you have used both thw quotation mark thats might be the problem just use single quotation for just time being purpose.

i am facing the same problem

yeah but that won’t affect the output of your code. You may ignore it for now.

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