📚 Please share suggestions for the next training topic

We are exploring an option for few topics for our next training. Could take this survey and let us know your suggestions: https://forms.gle/QfRDJUeQtVbw5uwy8

robotics and tensorflow will be some good topics for next training.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Robotic topics like path planning, motion planning, and ros would be great

Thank you for the suggestion

courses that includes backend like working of os from scratch

Hello ! @PPV
Data Analytics which includes SQL ,EXCEL and Power BI will be a good choice.

Hi @PPV,

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Python Programming training from Bolt IoT; it has been excellent. On that note, here are few topics that I would suggest for future training programs.

  1. Edge Computing and Fog Computing
  2. Machine Learning Algorithms and Techniques
  3. Cybersecurity in the Era of IoT
  4. Cloud Computing for AI Applications
  5. Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Text Mining
  6. Industrial Automation and Control Systems
  7. Ethical Considerations in AI Development