Please suggest me related to project


I am a student of B.E. 4th year please suggest me some topic for project to make on IOT.
I am confused about which topic i am in.
Is there any tutorial regarding IOT

Try building a condition monitoring system to continuously monitor the health of a machine component to prevent it from failure by identifying the faults at an early stage.
You can use machine learning along with IOT to identify probable cause for faults by analyzing the collected data and determine the remaining useful life of that component and finally notify the user regarding its health state.

Try finding creative ideas yourself related to things that you see in your day to day life. Bolt is quite an easy platform to work with.
If you’re having trouble in finding a suitable project try the below mentioned link.
Check this site. Hope you find some suitable project.

Hey anjali, I am also a B.E student. I wanted to do IOT project, bolt is such a great platform. Try using instructables site .I hope it will be helpful to you.