Plot chart is not defined

I have coded as exactly as in the video but i am getting "Please check at line 1 ,character 1 uncaught reference error. PLotchart is not defined.

@dheerajswaroop15 Try to check the case sensitivity of the code function, or the semi-colon present or not, and try to verify whether you have put the values inside inverted commas or not.
And also check whether you have saved the changes or not.
I think the solution might be helpful for you.

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You have written “PLotchart” instead of “plotChart” this is the error.

@dheerajswaroop15 Javascript is a case sensitive language and so Plotchart and plotchart does not mean the same. If the error still remains, then firstly you can check for the variable name given to A0, (there is a chance that it can generate an error) and lastly check for the syntax of your code, i.e. the semi-colon, double inverted commas and brackets.

Hi @dheerajswaroop15 ,
The team notified me that you need help on this one. Can you please share your code?