Plot chart of light sensing monitor

I have built a light sensing monitor. And when I deploy data every things works fine. But the in the data the third column shows 1.02k always and when I put my finger on the sensor it was reduced to 760 . And when I give extra light from two phones led torch its data value would not change and remains 1.02k.
So my question is what does the third column refers to and what is the unit of that data… What it represents? And why it is not varying?

If data is not varying please try to replace 10K resistor to 330 ohm resistor
And the values you get from chart 0-1.02K is according to light intensity on LDR sensor and it varies from 0 to 1.02K where 1.02K is for highest intensity like proper sun light
And zero for complete darkness on this behalf it’s values will vary.
Your problem is it doesn’t vary so please try to use 330 ohm resistor that available in with your bolt kit then try to read data thank you…