Polynomial regression project 13

I am not getting desired output i am only getting blank page not any graph even it has been more than one hour

Please check your
2.Internet Network
3.Is it set on live or not ?
4.Maybe Try opening a diff browser.
Please post all your data first here so we can actually look at problems.

It’s live and my network is fine and i am using chrome

I had the same problem the first time I did it.
Try deleting the product and create a new one with different variable names that might help.
Also make sure all the in-built functions used have correct syntax.

1.Select A0 and press Save button.
2.Go to code and again press save button .
(Save action occurs twice ).
3.Link your device.
4.Deploy configuration.
5.Plot the chart.
Apart from this , do check that you are on the same wi-fi on which bolt was connected.
Check your circuit! Like you accidentally connected to other pin so it is not getting input ??

Everything is fine but still i am not getting any value

@shivamdixit1712 Click on the “Deploy Config” button to check if you are receiving data.

I have changed it’s configuration from output device to input device now i am getting values


Check that you have added your device with the product for which you have written code. if Yes then check by clicking on deploy button. if done then check your code twice. nothing else can happen. I think it will work

It’s had been already solved thanks for your help