Polynomial regression

I had tried polynomial regression in this i am getting straight line data y???

It depends on what type of sensor you are using. If you are using an LM35, try to obtain as much as data counts for least 2 hours with a varied temperature condition, such as once you keep the prototype in the fridge and after some keep in normal room temperature. If you’re using the LDR try changing the lighting conditions for a beautiful graph with a good spacing of time.
Good Luck.

@mohamedabdulkadher.1 Data and Machine Learning algorithms work best when there is a fair amount of data to learn and predict.
Try to collect more data 30+ points and then play with the settings to optimise the ML code.

According to given data of screenshot , it seems to be very short time of interval you have deployed and got the counts , which will resemble to be same output in less time.

  1. Try to keep sensor for some period of time atleast of 120 min.
  2. Try to get maximum number of output.