Possible downtime due to Website Migration on course.boltiot.com and trainings.boltiot.com (Trainings Website)

Update: The migration was completed on at 6:15 pm IST.

To access the training you can visit trainings.boltiot.com.

If you are unable to view the training access or face any issue, reply to this thread and we will help you out.

Our team will be performing the website migration and testing on https://course.boltiot.com and https://trainings.boltiot.com today i.e. 30th December from 12:00pm onwards. During this period you might face issues while accessing the course content.

If you are facing any issues, please reply to this thread and we will be able to help you.

We will update this thread once the migration is completed.

unable to access the course contents since 6pm today.

Please click on this link and login: trainings.boltiot.com

@linaviolina76 Sorry about the issue. can you share the email id with which you had placed the order? For faster response you can contact me on 9545837126 call/Whatsapp.

Also please share a screenshot of what is showing to you on the website.

@linaviolina76 As discussed on Whatsapp, its showing you “No trainings found” when you login as the order was placed using a different email id.

To access the training please do the following steps:

  1. logout by visiting Bolt Cloud
  2. Login using the email id which you had place the order
  3. Open trainings.boltiot.com and click “login” button. It will show you the training.

I do understand the logout process is quite complicated. We will update this soon make it easy to logout and login using a different id.

Do try out the steps and let me know. If you are unable to login using the other email id do let us know. We will help you out.