Power generation through foot steps

Can any one help me how to build power generation through foot steps using bolt iot kit.

Hi @chinnapreetham.cp,

The Bolt IoT kit is designed to help you get through the IoT and ML course.

It may not have the components required to do projects which have not been mentioned in the course.

You might be able to build a smaller part of your project functionality with the Bolt IoT kit, but only if you know exactly what part of the project you want to build using the Bolt IoT kit.

Hi , actually you can’t make project(power generation through footsteps.)using the bolt iot kit,because it does not have the components required to make the project.Although,you have to use a pizeo plate(its the main component of the project),in your project,and you can use the bolt iot kit to monitor the battery charging level…

Power generation through foot steps is a revolutionary technology that is gaining popularity all over the world. This technology involves the use of special tiles that generate electricity when pressure is applied to them, such as when people walk on them. These tiles are ideal for high-traffic areas such as train stations, airports, and shopping malls. The electricity generated can be used to power lighting, electronic devices, and other applications. Additionally, this technology can be paired with a portable solar generator for backup power when there is insufficient foot traffic. The combination of footstep power generation and portable solar generators creates a sustainable and reliable source of energy that can be used in various settings.