Power outage detection using bolt IOT

Hi All,

Is there any way to detect the power failure and plot a graph and get notification using bolt IOT
Please let me know any sensor can be used to achieve this requirement.

Thank you.

Hi @shashank.patil82,

I am inviting @vinayak.joshi to help you out with this query.


You can get a notification for power outages using the Status alert feature of the Bolt Cloud. You can find out how to set the status alert via the following link

Just remember that you will have to be on the Bolt Cloud pro plan to be able to use the status alert feature.

Plotting a graph for power failures is not possible.

Thanks Rahul & Vinayak on replying…
My requirement is to monitor power outage in my area. I want to capture power failure (week/month) data in my area. Is it possible with simple circuit or adding any sensor to blot which will sense power fail and capture the data? Bolt power input & internet is not an issue that i can manage when power fail.
I have blot cloud pro plan so am getting status notification.

Hi @shashank.patil82

You can use simple mobile charger to check out the power outage status.

Detail steps are as follows

  1. Convert the 5V output of the charger into 3.3V using a voltage regulator(As Bolt Wifi Module digital pins works on 3.3 V)

  2. Connect the output positive wire from the voltage regulator to any of the digital pins of BOLT Wifi Module

  3. Now write a code so as to read the digital input of the connected pin. If the read state is HIGH, the power is ON, if the read state becomes LOW, there is a power outage.

  4. You can collect the data of the HIGH & LOW states & can plot in a graph.

Please make sure the Mobile charger is always connected to the power socket outlet, else if some one accidentally switch off the button, the cloud will receive a false status of power outage.

Here is the link for making a 3.3V voltage regulator for your reference


Thank you armsvs…
I will try with 3.3 voltage regulator. Hope it will work.
Thanks once again for replying on post.


Hi @vinayak.joshi, I would like to create this feature for my bolt IOT, but on selecting Status(feature of pro version) , it is asking for the selecting the pin . I don’t which pin is need to be selected. Can you please help me out here


Whichever pin you wish to use as trigger. You see the dropdown menu beside IF? That includes all the pins of the module.

No , I don’t think so. There is some problem on the cloud page, because when i selected the option to trigger a SMS, it’s not even showing me the option to add recipient.


THAT is different. Bolt is resolving the issue related to SMS recipient. They have already stated in this thread - SMS Not Working

Your query was -

As per that, I responded, which pin to select.