Power supply problem

its now powring on unless i hold and push the charger , even the charger properly being placed bord is not turning on

Change usb cable
It may be problem in plug or usb
Change the both then it may work

i have tried but the pin seems loose…

Can you keep screen shot

can i upload a video?

Okay okay okay…

Hello sent the video

video is not being uploaded

Better to sent screen shot on which side Ur getting problem

Hello are u there hello


Can you upload the video to drive and share the link here?

We will replace your device if found faulty.

google drive ? yes ill do that


i have uploaded the video in google drive , u can access it from the above link…thank you :slight_smile:

I have informed the operations team to check this. They will contact you to replace the device if found faulty,

It’s the fault of USB cable or socket .
You can change the USB cable or try a different socket

1.Check that adapter and usb cable are working, try with another device.
2. Check that the usb cable and adapter is securely connected to that device.
3. If your usb and adapter is working then there may be a case of wrong power supply, try different power socket.
4. if that adapter and usb cable is working with another device. Then it means there are problem in that bolt iot wifi module board.