PowerBI unable to fetch table

However the Complete URL including API key and Device name “https://cloud.boltiot.com/remote//digitalWrite?pin=0&state=HIGH&deviceName=BOLT######” gives only Name and Value.
However I want the complete table (LDR Reading) from Cloud

As I can see in screen short you have to login first to access the table.

Hello ,
Firstly, make your bolt account (https://cloud.boltiot.com) to access the cloud and the link the device accordingly. And by clicking on check activity you will access your table for LDR reading. Do write the code properly for the same.
Thank you


What was the link that you shared with PowerBI?


Were you able to recreate?

The credentials are parsed through PowerBI.

Looking for an early response.

Hi @chidanandbadatya,

I am not really certain what you have done, to reach this issue.

If you have only used the remote API calls (Links which start with cloud.botiot.com/remote) then you should not be facing this issue.

If you have shared the device view link with PowerBI (cloud.boltiot.com/control?name=BOLTxxxxx), then it is understandable that the PowerBI system will ask you to login to the Bolt Cloud as this link can only be accessed after logging into the Bolt Cloud.