Prediction graph for Sensor interfaced using Arduino(UART)

Hi Guys!

I am in need to use multiple sensors in my project.For these i had used the Arduino board for interfacing using the Bolt Arduino helper.Currently i had tried to get the data from the sensor and it is working fine.This is the code i had uploaded right now in my Arduino uno(This one) and used hardware serial interfacing connection for connecting the both boards as mentioned in

Now i had tried to apply the prediction graph with them.But unfortunately i came to know about the issue in multigraph feature that doesn’t support the prediction graph. So, i had tried to implement only for sensor (A0 pin in the aduino).But still it doesn’t gathered any data in the cloud. I will attach the code uploaded in the cloud and hardware config i did in it. I used LM35 to test that. So, Help me regarding this issue.

Code in cloud:

setChartTitle(‘Temperature Prediction For Pharmaceuticals’);

Configuration and Graph visualization:

Help me out to resolve it!


For the Arduino code that you have uploaded to the Arduino, you need to configure 6 CSV values in the product configuration page.

Once you do this, the data from the Arduino will be logged to the Bolt Cloud.