Prediction graph

I had written my code as shown in below image

But it is showing result as shown below

And also i had by ploating other graphs like bar graph,table etc… then it worked.

Please solve this problem .


Can you please send a snap of the Hardware configuration, and please confirm with me, whether you have deployed the configuration before viewing the graph.

yes i have deployed configuration before viewing graph.


Is your Device Online with a green light on the Bolt Cloud?

No I have not connected bolt device but I have the readings of temperature.Also I had plot the prediction graph for data of another product with out connecting bolt device ,for that product the graph is ploated.


As it is already mentioned that there is no data plotted for the prediction graph, you have to feed the data from your Bolt Module.

Prediction graph is completely different from the usual visualization. It has ML features, therefore you need to feed new data into that.

In future, it is recommended to create a new product for every new graph You can create multiple products on the Bolt Cloud, so that you can build as many graphs for your different projects.

Thank you for solving my problem