Preserving ubuntu files

I was using Digital Ocean for creating droplets but now as my free trial period is over i want to switch to virtualbox or VMware, do all previously created files in ubuntu server will get lost?..if yes, then what should i do to preserve all my work in ubuntu server before deactivating digital ocean account?..or suggest any alternative to this problem.

This depends whether your digital ocean was connected to cloud or not. If yes it’ll be on digital ocean’s cloud at


@blazerstorm97 Suppose i deactivate my digital ocean account in current situation would i able to access all my files, having extension .py, afterwards?

@divnoorsingh675 Once you have deactivated your account, you won’t be able to access the data on your DO server. So before deactivating, I would suggest you to download your data on the server and transfer it to your VM.

@shoeb.ahmed Thanks for the solution. Can you plz suggest a way how to move data from DO server to VM?

@divnoorsingh675 You can make use of a software called as Cyberduck. It works as a remote File browser after connecting to your DO server. Once you have connected to your DO server, you can download the files to your laptop and then transfer it to your VM.
Note that this does not copy the configs.
Link for Cyberduck -
You do not have to pay for using Cyberduck as it is free.