Problem connecting to enterprise Wi-Fi

My College uses a WPA2 Enterprise WiFi solution with PEAP mode of authentication.
Bolt wifi module only connects to WPA2 wifi connections using the app. IS there any other methods through which i can connect my bolt module to the college wifi. i have the required username password and certificates required. both my phone and laptop can connect to it.

Please just check with the college authorities about WiFi bandwidth. If the bandwidth is 5 GHz, the Bolt WiFi module would not be able to connect to it.
If it is 2.4 GHz, then maybe the college WiFi has some sort of Firewall which is preventing the Bolt WiFi module from connecting to it in which case too, you have to check with the college authorities.

@athanidhananjay. Both the bands are available and the 2.4GHz band BSSID is detected and displayed for connection in the bolt app. The problem is that it thinks/assumes it’s a WPA2 instead of WPA enterprise and only shows the option to enter network key i.e. WiFi password and not other options like authentication mode, identity, certificate etc.