Problem in accessing training

I have logged in using the same email address with which I had done the payment. Today I received the hardware kit but my dashboard is showing that “you do not have any orders purchased”.

Friend,may I know what is being displayed in the “My courses” section?

I followed same steps as mentioned in the introductory video. First I visited and signed in with the same google account with which I had done the payment. After signing in, it is displaying 5 sections- Profile, Security, My Plan, Training, and statistics. In the training section, it is showing that I do not have any training orders. There is no such section called “My Courses” as mentioned by you.

Yes my friend, you click on the section training and then click the go to course button provided.

You will be directed to the correct page if I’m correct.You can enjoy the training there.
I think you got it right.
You can also check with the "How to access the training section " provided at the top right corner.
If still not getting please feel free to ask.

Thank You

In my window under “Your Training Orders” section, it is showing I have no orders unlike your window in which it is displaying all the details of the order even though I have received the order today.

The updation of the account may take some time.

It was the same case with me , but the details were updated in a day or so.

Unfortunately the account is still not updated. It is still showing that I have not made any purchase


Are you using the same email id that you had used while purchasing the kit? What is your order ID?

Yes I am using the same email id with which I have made payment. Moreover, I am yet to receive a confirmation mail about the successful payment of amount on the very same e-mail id. My order ID is- India30348

Hi @abhinav.19je0016,

Can you share your First name, last name and date of purchase? Is this your email id abhinav_kumar**** ?

No this is not my e-mail id. My details are-:
First Name- Abhinav
Last Name- Joshi
Date of purchase- 8th August, 2020
email id-
I appeared for the scolarship test via the link sent to my institute(IIT Dhanbad) email id(mentioned above) and received a 100% discount, following which I only had to pay Rs 2750 for hardware kit.

Hi @abhinav.19je0016

You have used a different email id while placing the order on our store. The email id used is “”, refer below screenshot. This is the reason you are facing the issue.


I’ll be updating your email in our system to However, it will take some time to reflect the same on your dashboard. Do try visiting after couple of hours. Revert back by tomorrow evening if you are still not able to see your order.

Sorry for the troubles caused by this mistake. And thank you so much for your help.