Problem in connection

Having problem in connecting our bolt iot app with bolt WiFi…it ask some password…what to do???

Usually the Module will host it’s own WiFi Hotspot. Once connected to the hotspot it will ask you to configure the module with your home WiFi, you can also try personal hotspot if you don’t have one. This configuration remains forever unless the WiFi range is out of reach.


You don’t have to connect to the wifi created by the Bolt module. The app will automatically connect to the Bolt module id you follow correct steps.

Also, at which step are you facing the problem? It will be helpful if you could share relevant screenshots.

connect the module with your own wi-fi and not the module’s.

Firstly , check your internet connection is proper and if blue led is on then keep it close to your mobile so that it does not loose its connection .
Secondly, after checking all this once switch off and on your mobile Wi-Fi and also your Bolt connection once.
After this , try again the steps to ensure further steps.
Later on after the proper connection, it will ask you for a password and enter your hotspot password to connect and then finally it is ready to show your status and green led also glows.