Problem in Fetching data

As, most of us have created project 2 and project 5 so is done by me. Now the issue I’m facing is with the new project I’m currently working on. So let me explain my project to you I’m trying to connect project 2 and project 5. I want to use the data collected from project 2 in project 5 to make it a new project.
the issue I’m facing is I don’t know how to fetch data collect in project 2 use the same data to turn ON buzzer is light intensity is low.

before making your own projects i suggest you to complete the course. It will clear almost your all doubts.
because you want to take the output of LDR and according to it you want the buzzer to be active.It will require amachine learning to decide the limits on which you want the buzzer active. And it will require python aswell.

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you can use analogRead function to read the data given to analog pin by LDR.