Problem in first project

I deployed the first project viz.light sensingwith LDR today.
Whenever I refresh the data collection screen(picture attached), it shows the following error.
Kindly help.!

Please ignore the message that says hbspt is not defined. Have you enabled any ad-blockers?

It is not related to the code that you have written and you should be able to get the desired output.

If you have followed the instructions properly you should not get such error. As I can see your data count is quite good which means the system is working. I recommend you to try bar graphs, scatter plots etc. Check if the data being showed in different graphs is same. If so and the data count increases with time then you are ready to go to the next section. Hope this helps a bit.

@yeshwant.naik Yes, I do use ad-blockers.
Is that the reason for the message?

@sarkarsoham07 surely. I’ve started my voyage today itself.
I’m not sure about what you suggested but guess would be able to understand it once I progress to further parts.
Thank you.

@adityasvm804 .hello aditya.once check if there is any variable in your code that is not defined.And kindly share your code such that we can troubleshoot your problem

Can you turn it off and try opening the page?