Problem in Generate API Key

As I saw in the video sir told us to manually enable the API key, but my API key is by default enable.
There is any chance of my account has been accessed by anyone??

I don’t think so. As far as I remember, mine was the same case.
If you want to be sure, just reset the keys once.

no need to be worried if someone is accessing,just generate a new key and use the new key so that,if someone is accessing your account can’t access your account anymore.

Hi, 17ce052.If you think that anyone will try to access your account then just regenerate your API key in boltcloud section.

Just generate a new key API key by clicking on the option below and use the new key this might terminate your old key and the person accessing your account can’t continue to do so.

In that case ,the bolt device doesn’t even get started let alone connect to wifi.
I had reset my api key and wanted to implement the necessary changes but couldn’t do so


The API key is enabled if you register vi If you create an account via Bolt IoT app, then you need to enable it.