Problem in getting twilio account number

I am not able to get twilio phone number even after I have verified my phone number.

@akshsincool You have to correctly enter your number so that you could receive messages Please try again after some time. And remember not to use virtual phone numbers for registration.
Hope this helps you

My problem is similar.
I have been reloading the page but to no help!
Please guide me.

even i am facing the similar problem how to resolve it

My problem got sorted when I just confirmed my mobile number through otp verification.
Check for that it will provide u a number once ur number got confirm

even after verifying my number i am getting the same

hey all,
i did met the same error though,but i resolved it.
you click cancel and on the backside there is a “you have a trial account” scroll downward arrow click on that ,you will be shown this lines

now click on verified numbers then this below page is shown

here give your number and get your number verified

this process will make your number verified,soon you’re eligible for getting a twilio number.

who all having the same problem try this,this might help.

happy coding:)