Problem in getting twilio number

These image appered after i clicked on choose number option.
please help me to get rid of it::pray::confused:

you have to verify your own number that you added at the time of registration. Before this do that verification. Go to User settings and click on add phone number and just verify it

I Have already verified My number at time of signing up,I had also tried to delete phone and add my number again on user setting,It didn’t work for me. ,I don’t know why still its showing me same message.

Solution for these problem had been found:
step 1.Click on the triple dot enclosed within circle present in left corner

step 2
step 3.
Click on the verified caller ID and then click on Get started.
step 4.
Click on the red plus (+) icon to add a new number

step 5:
Enter the phone number you wish to call or text from Twilio. .

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